The Empowered Girl Experience
Celebrating your girl, her passions and what makes her unique

The Empowered Girl Experience has been developed by Maria Fuller from the USA, and I am proud to be chosen as one of the Ambassadors for this amazing experience.

The experience starts with a consultation where we have a chat about family, school, relationships and their passions.  The aim of the consultation being to reconnect girls with themselves,  celebrate their strengths, acknowledge their weaknesses and identify ways they can overcome the challenges they face in day to day life.

Following the consultation we make a plan and set a date for the photography experience. The photography experience is as unique as each girl is!  This is the really fun part and where we capture the different aspects of your girls personality.  

After the experience we then do the Big Reveal, this is a space for the girls where we go through the photos taken  We also talk about how lighting, poses, and expressions can impact on what a photo conveys.  This is a good learning experience also to think about what they may or may not want to share on social media.

The Final Piece is where we help the girls select photos that the girls feel show who they truly are and also how they want to be seen in the world. Our goal is for girls to leave from this experience with some beautiful artwork to be displayed in their rooms as a reminder to themselves how Amazing they are! Additionally the girls get the gift of  1 year access to  The Empowered Girl App so that they continue to have access to  ideas, tools, inspiring stories that support them as they continue to find their way in this sometimes overwhelming world.

Who am I?

I’m Katrina and I help young girls and women feel confident in front of the camera by creating a welcoming and warm environment that enables their true selves to be captured as they are at that moment in time.

Before becoming a photographer I was a Registered Nurse specialising in Womens Health for over 20 years. During my time nursing I also attended counselling trainings that not only helped the people I was working with but also saw me explore who I was and wanted to be as a person.  This process is forever ongoing and also one of the drivers for wanting to support and help young girls.  Maybe they can figure things out  quicker than I did! 🙂

Nursing also gave me the opportunity to travel and I spent 9 years living and working in London. Coming back to New Zealand for a wedding in 2006 made me realise it was time to return home and I have lived in Christchurch since 2006.

Photography was my midlife crisis… when at 45 years old I decided I wanted to do something more creative with my life.  Being involved in the empowered girl experience gives me the opportunity to combine my Nursing skills with my photography skills and in turn try to help young girls to explore what the world could offer them.